Professional Side Mirror Replacements

Let Us Replace Your Vehicle's Side Mirror for You

Whether your car has been in a collision on the road, a parking lot fender bender, or was the victim of a teenaged driver misjudging the distance to the garage wall, getting your side mirrors repaired or replaced has never been easier.
Bring your car down to Treasure Valley Windshield and U-Haul's shop today and see what our professional technicians can do for you. Oftentimes, we can reattach your existing side mirror if it hasn't been extensively damaged, but should a new mirror be required we will gladly track down an OEM part for you.
Side Mirror Replacements

Top-Grade New Side Mirrors for Your Automobile

Side mirrors are an extremely valuable safety feature, giving you a full picture of your surroundings while changing lanes, navigating parking lots, backing out of your driveway and more. Don't let a little accident take away this valuable safety feature.
Give us a call today for a FREE estimate and see just how quickly and affordably our professional team can get your new side mirror installed. You can also stop by our auto shop at 1965 NW 9th St. for more details.
FREE estimates 
on side mirror replacements!
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Expect professional glass installations from our skilled technicians.
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